Evolutionary history of marine mammals

About Carlos

I am a paleontologist specializing in the evolutionary history of marine mammals. My research has two fundamental goals: to investigate the origins of key innovations in marine mammals, and to document their evolutionary history using cutting edge 3D imaging and modeling techniques. My interests span broadly from geology, biology, morphology, systematics, ecology, and comparative anatomy of both extinct and extant marine mammals.

At present, I am a doctoral candidate at George Mason University, where I am studying the morphological implications of tooth loss and the evolution of baleen in whales. This work spans data from paleontology, geology, embryology, and gross anatomy. I have also published on toothed whales, seals and sea lions, and paleo-ecology.    |    |    @CMPeredo

recent work

9. Peredo, C.M., N.D. Pyenson, C.D. Marshall, and M.D. Uhen. 2018. Tooth loss precedes the origin of baleen in whales. Current Biology 28, 1–9  VIEW

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How whales got their mouth bristles. LISTEN

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I served as co-PI, along with Mark D. Uhen, for a project mentoring George Mason undergraduate student Brenlee Shipps through early career research. Brenlee received a grant through the Students and Scholars initiative created by the Office of Student Scholarship, Creative Activities, and Research (OSCAR). Brenlee is supplementing the open access information in the Paleobiology Database with additional data from the literature in an effort to establish a link between fossil mysticetes and paleoenvironment. For more information on Brenlee’s excellent work, or OSCAR mentorships, visit their webpage.

current affiliations


George Mason University, MS, 2015 

Seton Hill University, BS, 2012

George Mason University 
Graduate teaching assistant and doctoral student 

Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History
Research student

Predoctoral Fellow